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Open Data

The University of Leeds makes available some of its adminsitrative data on an open access basis, in the hope that this will be of use to our colleagues both within and outwith the University.

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Linked Open Data

An organisation as large and complex as the University of Leeds generates a lot of data that is not in any sense confidential nor of particular value in and of itself. We publish this data in a format that makes it easy for computers to read and to identify what the data is about and how it relates to other data. The data is published under a license that lets others reuse it, so anyone who wants to can build tools to use the data and add value to it. In this way, the impact of the data that we hold anyway can be maximised.

This website is the front page for open data sets published by the University of Leeds. We aim to publish datasets that follow the conventions of the semantic web using descriptions and identifiers that can be linked with others in the linked open data web.

Latest news

The University of Leeds is contributing its research equipment data to the newly announced national portal as part of the Uniquip Project. This makes the University's research equipment inventory available to the public alongside the inventories from other UK Universities.

We have now released our initial linked open data datasets to the public. We are publishing our research equipment inventory data as well as offering a simple lookup service of individual members of staff, academic units and equipment manufacturers.

The University's medium and large scale research equipment listing are currently available via the ESMS website.

Get Involved

For more information about our plans and to keep up to date with what is happening at Leeds, please feel free to join our general e-mail list. If you want to, send an e-mail containing the word 'subscribe' to Please be aware that this list is open to all and should not be used for any confidential communications.